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aktionbildung: Projekt zur Weiterentwicklung und Verbesserung der Praxis beruflicher Bildung in den Berufsbildungsbereichen der Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen

Aktion Bildung arbeitet mit dem Ziel, die berufliche Bildung für Menschen mit Behinderung zu optimieren. Dabei wird eng mit den Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen zusammengearbeitet. Es geht vor allem darum, möglichst viele gelungene Beispiele beruflicher Bildung aus der Praxis zu sammeln und in einer Online-Datenbank zu dokumentieren. Das heißt es werden

- erprobte Konzepte gesammelt
- Beispiele praxisnaher Arbeitshilfen gesucht
- Standards beruflicher Bildung untersucht
- Informationsaustausch organisiert
- Qualitätssicherungsmaßnahmen ermittelt
- das Wissen zu Fachausschüssen vernetzt.
- Unterweisungsmaterialien und Implementationshilfen erarbeitet.

An vier Modellstandorten erprobt aktion bildung bestehende Konzepte und bewährte Beispiele der beruflichen Bildung in der Praxis.
Die individuellen Anforderungen der Menschen mit Behinderung und die infrastrukturellen Voraussetzungen der Werkstätten stehen dabei im Mittelpunkt. Die Arbeit an den Modellstandorten wird ergänzt durch bundesweit gesammelte Erfahrungen. Die Bildungsinhalte werden in praxisgerechten Unterweisungsmaterialien vermittelt.

Aus den gewonnenen Erkenntnissen werden für die Praxis Standards und Richtlinien für die berufliche Bildung erarbeitet sowie

- Eingangsverfahren und berufliche Bildung begleitet um Teilhabe am Arbeitsleben zu ermöglichen;
- Förder- und Entwicklungsplanung aufgezeigt;
- individualisierte Bildungspläne beschrieben;
- Arbeitsplatzgestaltung optimiert;
- technische Hilfsmittel gefunden
- Datenbank und Informationspool entwickelt;
- Medien bereitgestellt (z. B. Lehrfilme);
- Fachkräfte begleitet und beraten.






Gefördertes Projekt


Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Soziale Sicherung - BMGS (2002-2005)
(vorher: Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Sozialordnung - BMA; seit 2005: BMAS)
Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen e.V.

Weitere Informationen


Project education: Personality enhancement through systematic vocational training of disabled personnel in sheltered workshops

Workshops for handicapped persons are career orientated rehabilitation centres. Since July 1st , 2001 are they grounded by law in a new SOZIALGESETZBUCH (SGB IX) and extended in their brief. With that the area of vocational education plays an important role in sheltered workshops. By using the SGB IX the legislative body demands 'a possibly broad selection of vocationally orientated institutions and jobs' from the sheltered workshops. All measures are supposed to enable handicapped persons 'to keep, extend, increase or to regain their fitness for work and -in the course of this- to develop their personality.'
For the daily work in these workshops many questions have come into being. Finding answers to these questions is an important challenge for the forward-looking business of sheltered workshops!
To support sheltered workshops in this task, the 'Fachverbände für Behindertenhilfe' in Germany have been carrying out a project for the betterment of the vocational education in these workshops: aktionbildung. (Engl.: project education).
During this, the trade associations are being consulted by two central organisations for the vocational rehabilitation. The BAG:WfbM as well as the Federal Labour Office underline the importance of this project through their participation.
aktionbildung has been working for the trade associations since April 4th, 2001. The projects' term amounts to three years.The aim of aktionbildung is to make vocational education a strategically assignment of the workshops' business.
aktionbildung is working throughout Germany with the assistance of the six participating organisations. The working method is essentially divided in two fields:
Firstly, concrete concepts of vocational education are being elaborated in four selected workshops and supplemented by the experience of other ones. In practice is to be demonstrated which concrete measures are being used to organise the vocational education of disabled persons.
All steps necessary for the realisation of the project are being documented and placed at the disposal of other workshops' that are interested in it.
Secondly, aktionbildung has the assignment to collect the already existing methods and materials from other workshops. It is planned to create a platform comparable to a stock exchange where 'suitable measures of vocational education' can be listed. This happens by means of a data base, which makes it possible for users to recall essential materials concerning vocational tuition.
In four selected workshops aktionbildung is testing measures of vocational education for
People who are mentally handicapped
People with a learning handicap
People with a mental disease People with severe and multiple handicaps

In every workshop the current training plan has been created thus, that it offers the possibility to respond to the disabled person in a most individual way. The training is carried out very distinctive, which means that it is orientated closely on the ability of the participants. Though, to discover these abilities is still a great problem. The well-known diagnostic instruments that are used to find out about specified working skills, are not applicable to the needs of disabled people. Or they are too complicated and therefore hardly used in workshops.
'aktionbildung' is testing different diagnosis methods to record the participants' abilities of motor nerves, as well as their cognitive and social ones.
A guide to vocational education has been provided for every model location. This guide is orientated on this target group and describes organisational conditions that are necessary for the work with handicapped people. In every guide you will find an enclosure with guidelines to practical aid. With the compendium of at the moment four guides, the reader gets an impression of the possibilities and chances to organise the participation of disabled persons in our working life through reasonable vocational education.(The guides can be obtained for free under this web-address:
Exchanging knowledge is an important element of practise. For this, aktionbildung has created a vocational platform in the internet. Here interested people can discuss, ask questions or present their own work. The platform developed from the wish of some pedagogical collaborators who were looking for a quick and effective way to co-
operate. On the homepage of aktionbildung everyone can register to the platform, not binding and for free. Teaching material and working aid for the area of vocational education will be placed in the download area at the disposal of every interested workshop.
The first copies can already be obtained from there.

'Help me doing it by myself!' Let us support this view on life by Maria Montessori. The aim of our future work has to be the vocational education of handicapped persons, as well as the development of their personality in its individuality, flexibility and social competence.



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